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August 23, 2008

MAHA- nature is educating us

MAHA Expo at MAEPS, Serdang recently had given ummi a golden once in two years opportunity to spend with my dearest children, a 2in1 family activity- sight seeing plus educating. Why? and how?

This will answer the question 'why'. This was just the right relaxing and educating event to share with the kids. They were happy, and learnt a 'survival knowledge' through nature and God's creation. Of course not to forget an amazing suitable context to relate 'aqidah' with concrete elements. Thus, ummi did my indoctrination of 'rububiyah' and 'uluhiyyah' here.

How? Masya Allah, that was just a beautiful moment sharing with the kids critical thinking skills. "The nature is educating us, dear!" Looking at the cow, the lamb, the camel, the agriculture and others there actually looking at why God created them. There must be reason beyond every creation. Think..think and think, you'll find the answer.

"My dear kids, every creature has specific function in this world. The physical nature they possess tells us what are their 'jobs'. So, if they have 'jobs', what about us? human..."

The conversations between ummi and the kids went on during that relaxing tour, for hours... The pictures below tell thousands words about it...

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