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November 08, 2008

Programme for our Kids this Coming School Holiday

Ummi with my solehs and solehah on the closing ceremony
of last year's Tahfiz Camp at IIUM, Gombak.

In the name of ALLAH, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious

I'm glad to share here this very good programme for our children during this coming school holiday. My first experience last year sending my two sons (9 & 7 years old) there resulted both of them hafiz of surah Al-Mulk. Besides that they were also exposed to many other things like fun classes, riadhah, tour, fasting on monday and thursday and many others which we can read below.

For ummi, the most important knowledge gained there for my children is 'survival knowledge' which I strongly believe will be the most useful one for their entire life time. Sharing with others, jamaah meal-time (the most waited slot), jamaah prayer, early morning routine (unlike other kids at home), halaqah and talaqqi slots and tasmi' by ustaz and ustazah. Until now, Abang Hazeeq (my first son) and Angah still in touch with their ustazah.

As a mother, I was touched when received letters from my sons telling me how and what they feel, expressing their emotion on a piece of paper ( a kid's version, of course!) and promised to be 'anak soleh' to ummi and walid...Amin. So, this coming school holiday I really hope and pray to HIM I will be able to send them again to this Tahfiz Camp. May Allah grant me rizq for that, Amin Ya Allah.

I have extracted here the information of this camp from

Kindly be informed that the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Mosque, IIUM will be organizing a Tahfiz Camp Programme for year 2008. Among the objectives of the programme are to inculcate the love al-Quran in the hearts of the participant, produce children who can memorization of the familiar surah in the al-Quran and others. The details of the programme are as follows:
Date : 15th November 2008 – 23rd November 2008
Duration : 9 days
Age:10 – 14 years old
Targeted Surah :Selected surah from Juzu’ 30 (An- Naba’, an-Nazi’at, ‘Abasa, At-Takwir)
Venue :Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Mosque, IIUM
Fees:RM 320.00 / person
Contents :
Memorization of selected surah from Juzu’ 30 (completely), Smart Motivation & Multimedia Tazkeerah, Muhasabah anak Soleh, Multiple games and Outdoor Recreations, Azan and Tahsin al-Quran session, Public speaking, Drawing, khat and Nasyid, Arabic and English Fun Class, voluntary Fasting, Qiyammullail & congregational Solat, etc….

Open to:

Limited to 50 participants only

Closing Date:11th November 2008 (Tuesday)

1st come 1st serve basis.

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